There are a number of floor joists and flooring options available from MCM Frame & Truss.

Here are just some of the following options.

Solid Joists

  • For Hardwood bearers and Joist construction at ground level the combination of hardwood bearers and radiata joists is  quite common. At MCM we will often try and use a LVL product such as RED Alert for all your bearers and joists type construction as it is uniform , does not shrink or warp therefore no squeaky floors and is sized to match the old existing traditional hardwood bearers and joists. Comes in many length options and is easy to use which is why we like it , keeping it simple for you!

I- Joists

  • I- joists are lighter than Oregon and other timber joists including floor trusses. In fact, I-Joists are up to 60% lighter than Oregon (span for span) which makes it easier to lift and handle. To days I-Joist designs can provide consistent load bearing capacity and yet allow for the cutting of large web holes at defined locations providing easy installation of plumbing and ventilation ducts within the floor cavity and avoiding the need for expensive dropped ceilings and bulkheads. Available in lengths up to 13.2 meters and in a range of sizes. Easier installation of plumbing and electrical services within the floor depth. Other cost saving features made possible by the straightness and uniformity of I-Joists include, no intermediate blocking and no planning or packing in order to achieve a level floor. I-Joists are readily and conveniently available off-the-shelf in lengths up to 13.2 meters – just dock to length (anywhere) and nail into place.I- joists are light, consistent and convenient. Their use will reduce construction costs and ensure quiet and reliable performance. MCM will take all the hard work out by custom designing a floor system for your home, easy to follow instructions with cut to length joists ready to install.